The Crescent City Sneaker Ball is a celebration centered around reasons, not royalty. Our aim is to engage professionals across the city in an experience that allows everyone the opportunity to have an impact on our community.  Each year, we'll choose a specific community impact focus. By incorporating philanthropy into the Crescent City Sneaker Ball, we will assure that each time we convene,

we are not just gathering- we are giving.  

This year, our community impact focus is:

Youth enrichment through sports. 

Each guest is asked to support our city's youth by

bringing a recreational sport or playground ball to the Crescent City Sneaker Ball 

or by donating towards the purchase of a ball when you purchase your tickets.


Our goal is to collect over 500 recreational balls

which will be donated to the following organizations: 

Dryades YMCA

Boys & Girls Club of Louisiana


Community Works

Photo Source:
Photographer: Brett Duke

How do sports affect youth in New Orleans?

A study by the Department of Education found students who spent no time in extracurricular activities in high school were
49% more likely to use drugs. 
Just 4 hours in an extracurricular activity like sports each week dramatically improved those numbers.
The Institute of Medicine asserts that “children who are
more active show greater attention,
have faster cognitive processing speed,
and perform better on standardized academic tests
than children who are less active.”
Organizations like Dryades YMCA, The Boys & Girls Club, and Community Works engage thousands of students each year in after school recreational leagues, programs, and activities. These organizations play a vital role in our community by filling the gap between home and school. 
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