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Gathering to give 

The Crescent City Sneaker Ball is a celebration centered around reasons, not royalty. Our aim is to engage professionals across the city in an experience that leaves a positive print on our community.


 Each year, we select a specific community impact focus. We turn our guests into philanthropists by having them bring tangible items to the event. To double down on our impact, we couple these donated items with a monetary gift to provide one transformational donation to a local nonprofit organization.


 We are broadening the avenues of "traditional philanthropy"; and we're having a good time while we do it. By incorporating philanthropy into the Crescent City Sneaker Ball, we assure that each time we convene, we are not just gathering - we are giving. 


Guests brought over 200 sports balls to support three local youth recreational organizations


We returned with "bring a ball to the ball" to support local youth sports. Over 400 balls were collected this year. 


Devastation from Hurricane Ida inspired us to retool classrooms at schools that were damaged from the storm. Guests brought over 300 backpacks and 800 school supply items to the ball.  We also a made a donation of $10,000 alongside our philanthropy partner, Sean Blondell Law Firm

2023 Crescent City Sneaker Ball  Beneficiary

In addition to a portion of ticket sales being donated,

each guest is required to bring any combination of the following items to the

2023 Crescent City Sneaker Ball



Soap/Shower Gel





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